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Gordon Franks Apprentice of the Year

Our amazing Mya was awarded Gordon Franks Apprentice of the year 2021 and we want to tell you why…

Mya began her apprentice journey in 2018 and is now on the home run with just 1 month left! Upon completion of her apprenticeship, she will become our Accounts Administrator. AE Aerospace was the first job Mya ever had and it was completely different to anything she ‘imagined it to be’. Mya quickly realised that she was an incredibly committed individual and took pride in every task she completed.

Initially, Mya was very anxious about answering phone calls, now, she answers most calls coming into the business! She feels ‘equipped in doing so’ and has a ‘greater understanding of how the business operates and how to filter out calls.’ Mya has implemented several new processes within the admin department such as creating specialised spreadsheets for our training programmes to increase the efficiency of how we manage such procedures. She joined us having had no prior working knowledge, and so the journey has been on of trial and error! She has grown as an individual both in a professional and personal capacity and has a ‘better understanding of how the ‘working world’ functions.’

Mya has been an absolute star throughout the whole Covid-19 pandemic. There was a period where Mya was the only member of the accounts team in. She dealt with everything she possibly could, whilst also maintaining her own workload. Whilst she sometimes doubts herself and ask questions when the other 2 members of the accounts team are in, she made decisions and got on with all tasks. Our Directors even commented how well she adjusted to new tasks and only asked for help when absolutely necessary.

Her support of our accounts team has been outstanding, and we feel confident with giving her tasks that she doubts herself in. It has been a pleasure seeing Mya grow in her role and make it her own. We believe that apprentices are our company’s future and as such we plan for them to stay with the business for many years to come.

She is our superstar, and we hope that getting this award is the vote of confidence she needs in herself.

Congratulations Mya!

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