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Keith! We're going to miss you!

Keith, Retiring today after 50 years! To put that in context, Keith started his apprenticeship in 1971, before a lot of us were born, and in some cases, our parents were born! To put this into context, we won’t speak about phones that plug into the wall and music being on round discs called records. What we will say is that Decimalisation started on the 15th February 1971 and 2 years before we joined what became the EU on the 1st January 1973.

Keith completed his apprenticeship at AJ Morgan, worked at GEC Machines and AB Precision before joining Wyman-Gordon in Tyseley in 1989. As Keith was being made redundant in 2014, he had an interview at AE Aero followed by an interview at Andover Precision.

Keith joined us on the 5th January 2015 and we are delighted to have had this happy smiling person as part of the team ever since. It is a sad day for us, our happiness measure will fall a little, but it is a great day for Keith, so we need to celebrate that with him.

But before we let him go, a couple of little-known facts about Keith,

Keith was born at an early age, and almost as tall as he is now.

One of the following is untrue:

  1. He is a massive fan of the Bard (Shakespeare for those that didn’t do English Literature at school), and travels all round the country to performances.

  2. The most important thing is to keep Nicky, his wife happy and be part of his family’s endeavours.

  3. When he was still at school, he had a trial at centre forward with Ron Saunders at The Villa.

We're going to miss you Keith! Wishing you all the best with your retirement!

From the AE Team.

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