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Measuring Plating with a FischerScope.

Measurement is a vital part of the manufacturing process, even more so in the Aerospace sector. A combination of different measuring instruments are used to determine the accuracy of a component including conductivity and coating thickness. At AE Aerospace we conduct our Quality checks in our Inspection Control Office. Ash and his team work to highly precise tolerances, as some of our products require measurements as small as a 10th of a micron.

As part of our inspection needs, it was essential for us to be able to validate the quality of our subcontracted coatings for both visual and thickness requirements.

Prior to having the FischerScope we were reliant on the Certificate of Conformity provided by our subcontract partners. Now, we have the capability of verifying ourselves if components have been coated to specification. By having a FischerScope we have greater visibility of our products and verify the CofC. We can draw conclusions about our efficiency, safety, and performance of materials, ensuring our final products leave us meeting customer specifications exactly.

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