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Meet our new Apprentices

At AE Aerospace, hiring apprentices was the first major decision the company made after its MBO. Our Director’s were Apprentices themselves, and recognise the important of investing in young talent. This year we are delighted to introduce 3 more members joining our team.

First up we have Naim, our Engineering Apprentice.

Engineering has always been the obvious choice for Naim as he had a passion for STEM subjects combined with many summers spent working with his dad on projects. He is particularly keen to learn about advancements in the sector, specifically, the advances posed by additive manufacturing. To Naim, success is defined as being an expert in his field. He would love to be manging his own team some day and aspires to work for a company that is seen as thought leaders in the industry.

Naim’s eagerness to learn made him the standout candidate. Whilst we teach him, it is undoubted that he will teach us too! He brings with him a positive attitude that we can all learn a little from!

Next up, we have Dana, our Maintenance Engineering Apprentice.

Dana has a background in Military Engineering and has grown up working closely with her dad on classic cars, which quickly became her favourite hobby. For Dana, she knew she had to be at the heart of manufacturing, bringing her to the home of the Peaky Blinders!

Dana defines success as being at the top of her game. As she explained it, she would like her ‘work to speak for itself’ and become the jack of all trades. She never wants to lose her hobby of fixing classic cars and dreams of having her own garage filled with them some day!

Dana originally applied for a different apprenticeship with us but during her interview we recognised that her aptitude was better suited to a more mechanical and electrical focused role. She has only been with us for a few weeks, but she is already making the role her own. We are excited to see her grow.

Lastly, we are delighted to welcome Maria, our Quality Engineering Intern.

Maria has just completed her Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree.

Maria’s passion for Engineering stems from working with her dad. Maria is originally from Greece and moved to England to complete her degree. She likes the Birmingham lifestyle and is eager to build her career here.

She explained that she loves the variety in her job role and the opportunity she is given to contribute her ideas within the Engineering and Quality Departments. Whilst her degree gave her a good theoretical knowledge base, she is excited to now build on it with practical experience.

Maria defined success as staying within the engineering industry and progressing in her role. Her inquisitive nature and eagerness to learn made her stand out. As we continue to grow and evolve with our new projects, we are sure Maria will be a great contributor to them.

We have developed our apprenticeship programme through making mistakes and learning from them. We are trying to provide the right training and environment for our apprentices that is right for both, themselves and our business, so recognise that it is a process of trial and error until we find what works best. Within the organisation, each apprentice has a mentor offering dedicated 1-1 support. The programme provides our apprentices with the opportunity to build a holistic understanding of how we operate but also allows them to build positive relationships with our team.

The apprentices teach us as we teach them. They have made positive changes, especially to our older staff, with one of our team looking much younger than his 75 years with the apprentices around him! The apprentices provide a breath of fresh air to our existing team which benefits everybody.

This is incredibly powerful.

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