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Mission Net Zero

Earlier this month our Managing Director Peter Bruch attended a panel with the Financial Times discussing ‘Prioritising net-zero carbon supply chains over net-zero carbon companies’.

Industrial production accounts for approximately 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. As traction grows on the need to manufacture more sustainably, these emissions can be reduced. However, as we try and reduce our carbon footprint, are we aiding the sustainability of the overall supply chain or simply offsetting these challenges?

Currently within our sector, there are 0 discussions being had about moving our industry towards net-zero. We recognise the importance and value or driving towards a carbon neutral facility as inevitably it will increase our efficiency, however it remains a very expensive change.

The prospect of becoming a 0-waste facility remains one of our goals and we have made changes, in our capacity, to move towards this vision.

We have an Evaporative water air cooling system. This system draws on air from outside that sprays a mist of cool air into our shop floor whilst drawing hot air out of the building making our process more economical. We also have LED lights throughout our facility and censored lights in our meeting rooms. Whilst these are small changes, we do believe that it is a step towards a greener business and we hope going forward this will only grow further in our attempts to meet the net-zero 2050 vision.

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