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Restrictions have been lifted!

Last year AE Aerospace were one of the first manufacturing businesses to deliver finished components as part of the Ventilator Challenge consortium. Our team pulled together learning new complex machining methods, rapidly transforming production lines to contribute to the UK’s national effort against Coronavirus. We had to grasp new materials and novel production methods, a huge change from our usual high-precision metalwork fabrication. We completed 6 weeks-worth of production in a fortnight!

We remained open throughout the duration of the year, whilst some of our team shielded, and some worked from home, the rest of our team were in every day. We had to adapt to a new way of working, putting safety measures into place, one-way systems and making zoom our best friend.

We utilised teams, and as exhibitions and physical events stopped, we started to grow our online presence. The pandemic brought with it many challenges, but also new opportunities. We continued to invest in our team, grew our apprenticeship programme, invested in new technologies and engaged with external training and strategic consultancy providers, to work with us through this period. These investments allowed us to stay open, operational and continue to see gradual growth of our business.

We were able to keep our team safe, but we did lose one of our own. It has been a difficult year for us and for the sector, but now, as the industry opens again, we are hopeful it is going to be a better year.

As 19th July approached our team were finally able to celebrate. We asked some of our team how they celebrated!

‘I did a lap of my garden; not wearing a mask’. – Ian.

‘I hit the pub!’ – Janet.

‘I felt like I was free!’ – Mya.

‘It meant I could go to the pub, which I did… several times!’ – Andy.

‘Danced at a wedding for the first time in 2 years!’ – Darren.

‘Went on a spa trip!’ – Josh.

‘I realised the pandemic did nothing for my dancing ability, but I enjoyed dancing at a wedding anyway!’. – Jamie.

We hope that you and your teams have also been able to celebrate a little whilst staying safe too!

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