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SC21 C&G. Growing our business from within

AE Aerospace is proud to announce that we were the first company to receive BEIS funding for the ADS SC21 Competitiveness and Growth improvement programme. Our 2-year programme will consist of our whole team getting involved in training comprising of a set of processes, tools and techniques designed to increase the company’s growth and improve existing processes. The training has been tailored to meet the needs of our business based on external assessment carried out by Process Management International (PMI). We kicked off the training in September with a Leadership and Management session.

Interesting insights were found within our team as they discussed and defined the differences between leadership and management. This was followed by a team leader skills session which explored the importance of feedback and how to make it constructive and motivational. The 3 days of training have already opened our team to new discussions and conversations that we would not necessarily have had before.

It is critical that we continually up-skill our existing workforce. the business is evolving so rapidly that staff need to adapt in learning new skills, training to use new machines and getting to grips with the latest manufacturing techniques.

Our team value the culture we have developed, where learning is for life and there is always something new to discover. With that mindset, everyone is prepared to journey with us on the next stage of growth!

We are excited to see what more there is to come. We will be documenting our progress and look forward to learning and growing on our knowledge throughout the course.

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