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Servitization Business Awards

Best Vision & Strtegy for Servitization We are proud to announce that we have won the Best Vision and Strategy for Servitization Award. With the help of The Advanced Services Group and 18 months of thinking, we devised the Glass factory Model. Essentially, it enables customers to see into our processes and the factory floor. We offer machining by the Hour, where our customers take a long term contract for the number of machining hours required per-month. it allows our customers to have their own operating cells and directly influence the manufacturing sequence of their orders, safer in the knowledge that they will have sufficient capacity. The process has been to improve the business so that the 'Glass factory' can be implemented without the need for change, as we will have already changed. The work completed within AE Aerospace to achieve the Servitization programme has massively impacted the business and driven the 30% year-on-year growth, increase in productivity, improvement in customer service and above all staff retention and security. Gone above and beyond due to Covid-19 We are also pleased to announce that we have also won the Going Above and Beyond during COVID- 19 Award. We took part in the Ventilator ChallengeUK earlier this year where our team worked together on double shifts to create 6000 components in just 2 weeks, helping contribute to the UK's national effort against Coronavirus. Our team manufactured complex parts to contribute to the production of thousands of Pneupac® ParaPAC® Ventilators, used by respiratory therapists, paramedics and trained emergency personnel. Our team had to get to grips with new materials and novel production methods in what was a huge change from our usual high precision metalwork fabrication. We were one of the first manufacturing businesses to start delivering finished components as part of the Ventilator ChallengeUK consortium. Not only did the challenge bring together many manufacturing organisations, it also brought our entire team together in a fantastic way. We had everyone working together to reshape production lines, learn new techniques and complete one of the quickest and most important projects in the company's 4 year history. We are delighted we could contribute to such a great national effort. This award celebrates our team coming together and the community spirit within UK manufacturing.

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