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9 months in already?😲 SC21C&G

We decided to target the first few months of our Aerospace Defence Space & Security (ADS) Supply Chains 21st Century Competitiveness & Growth (SC21 C&G) programme. We've been working on our Operations, Engineering and Quality Teams, ensuring that we would see rapid improvements, and that’s exactly what we have achieved.

We are now 9 months in and started the second stage this month, which is to develop our strategic plans & growth. As part of the first Senior Strategy training session our Directors defined their ideas for the business into individualised goals and targets. Peter Bruch added ‘our first session with Barry Byrne from Process Management International (PMI) was enlightening, entertaining and brought out a lot of thoughts and ideas on who we are as a company and who we want to be in the coming years.’

We are also continuing to work with PMI on developing our planning systems and processes which are all linked to improving our use of DNA to produce an accurate plan for each machine in advance. This will help us realise our Servitized Glass Factory Model which will give our customers a ‘window’ into our factory allowing them to see how far along the process their components are.

Alongside this, a massive amount of work has been done on our Business Operating System in all areas to create a clear map of our workflow in much more detail than our current Management System. This will allow us to create standard work for all our processes within the business and ensure we run more effectively.

The entire SC21 C&G programme has seen every member of team get involved in training sessions and has encouraged conversations within our teams around how to improve our current practices. The sessions challenge our procedures but also our way of thinking and how we approach problems. Peter commented ‘I would completely recommend SC21 C&G to any Civil Aerospace SME, as it is improving our business and many other companies on the programme.'

Check our what our team had to say about PMI here.

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