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You're Hired!

The last year has been one of uncertainty and challenge. With March entering us into a period of doubt, November has brought with it new opportunities. As a business, we did not know how the months ahead were going to unfold but now as we steer towards the end of 2020, we can look back and agree, if anything, it has been a memorable one.

We are grateful that we were able to remain and continue to grow our business with a number of new recruits. We are excited to announce we have taken on 9 new recruits in the last 3 months in various departments.

Apprentices Galore!

Everyone in the manufacturing sector has a duty to inspire and train tomorrow’s workers. How else are we going to address the skills gap? There isn’t a magic skills tree we can pick them from.

Our new apprentice training programme will see our latest production apprentices spend 3 months in each of our six sections, including Engineering & Quality before a combined decision is made on which area they will ultimately work in.

We have always recognised the importance of having apprentices, they bring with them a breath of fresh air, new ideas and sometimes make us realise how old the rest of us are! We are delighted to announce that this year we were approached by some exceptional candidates and have taken on 6 new apprentices. 4 Craft, 1 in Continuous Improvement and lastly, we decided to bring our Marketing in house and so, have a new Marketing and Communications Apprentice. We have had a successful programme running for 6 years now, with some of our managers starting as apprentices or on work experience. We believe that investing in our team is the best way to drive our business forward and we look forward to what our newest recruits will bring to our team!

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